Ettusais makeup workshop

Saturday, February 28, 2009


I did mention in my last post that i went to
Ettusais Workshop for the ambassadors right?

When i reached the room, the 1st thing that caught
my eye was this mini white drawer filled with all the
eyeshadows/blusher/foundation from Ettusais!

(love love love the wide range of eyeshaaaadows!)

Flat design liquid, concealers etc..

Brow pencils, Liners, lipglosses etc..
Muahahaha, the beauty junkie in me is going GAGA!

Anyway, there were only 8 of us there that day
cos jeanette & amanda couldn't make it!

Firstly, we were told to remove our makeup, cleanse our face,
with ettusais Eye/Lip makeup remover & gentle make-off
for the entire face!

After cleansing, we prepped our skin with the
Skin Version Up Extra (Softener)
and followed by the Aqua Shooter Extra (Moisturizer)

I seriously learnt a lot!Even realized that i have been
using the wrong method to cleanse/apply products
all these years!

Then we went on to apply our eyecream, makeup base,
and the Zero Pore Pact foundation!

Jessica, the trainer for the day was explaining to us
why we should use eyeshadows of
different texture for our eye makeup.

Giving us some really useful tips,
like how to apply your foundation to really get that
"Zero-Pore", perfectly airbrushed look.

And we had so much fun playing with the fun eyeshadow colours!

I really love it that the Ettusais Workshop is so hands-on
and we can actually try out the cosmetics on our face
rather than you know, over the counters,
where we can only test the colours by swiping the eyeshadow
on our hands? This is so much more fun!

Esther, Christine & Me! ^-^

Ettusais is gonna have a workshop on the 14th of March!
There would be 2 sessions,
10:30am - 12:30pm AND 3pm - 5pm.

The classes are kept small, like only 18-20 people/class.
So that everyone gets ample of attention
from our beauty consultants!

All you have to do is purchase a $30 Ettusais Voucher,
which is fully redeemable for Ettusais products at
any of the counters within 2 weeks!

So, basically, you get to go to the workshop for FREEEEEEEE
since you're able to get products in return with the $30 voucher!
LOL, i'm sure you will find something you will itch to buy from
Ettusais after you attend the workshop and try out their products!

Also, they are provide refreshments AND door gift!
So you're really stretching the $30 voucher
to even double/triple the worth!

So if you wanna sign up for the workshop on 14th March,
Do call 6739 8675 or email
to register!

Remember, seats are limited, so be sure to call/email
Ettusais asap to "chop" a seat for yourself~! ^-^

Wednesday, February 25, 2009



i think my tagboard has some problem with it, right?
Anybody encounter problems with it?
I can't seem to post my replies. ):
Sooooo, I'll reply here:

Eh-lo: Er, i bought it like 1-2 years ago,
so it's prolly not available anymore!
Hahahs, no i don't have any problem finding clothes
cause of my height, btw i'm selling the VS tote
cause i have too many bags!
Do email me if you're interested! (:

Sorry, he wouldn't tell me. (:

Hahahas, Awww! Thank you!

Lyne: Hahahs, really?! Pouts~ Never say heeeeeello!

Hahahs, i'm sorry i've no idea!
Cause all my hair services are being sponsered by raymond!

I wonder why are you so bitter? (:

Heheh, yes he is! ^-^

I do it myself! (:

Heheh, thanks babe!

I only like benetint! (:

Yeah, always apply afew days then chip already,
i thought it was my application method thou!
Is canmake really good?

Ettusais's whitening makeup base!
Has SPF 40 as well! (:
Anyway even ifyou're not wearing makeup
you can wear the makeup base alone!

Hahahas, yeah i prolly will when i get my copy! (:

ehehe, yah! Your present still with me lor! ):

Awww, mine too! You just hang it upside down
and it will dry beautifully! (:

Ahhh, wahh,
then how many times do you get to see him in a year?!

eHahahs, thank you babe!
But i don't really use highlighting product!

eNope! I guess it'll be different if you're saying
like hairdye/perm/straightening or whatever?
But for haircut nope.

Xx:! (:

Lol, tsk tsk. you're so cruuuuuude.

Hahahs, thank you sweetie! (:

Lavender:! (:

Hahahs, noooo no way! Hahahs
Just for fun! ^-^

:D :
Thank you sweetie!

Hahahas, it's a mix of brown/red actually!

Meeeee toooo!
Poor Junpyo, jandi & ji hoo!
Feel so sad for them all, especially the airport scene,
omg, poor junpyo.

Errr, hahahas thank you :x

Hahahas, practice makes perfect!

eHehehe, niceeeee,
ahhh, i wanna slap that junpyo's bitch mother
OMG. She's hoooooorrible!

Lol, seems like my boyf thinks that it's worth it to
make me smile even if he have to spend so much!

Yaaaah! I hate the junpyo's mother!
Omg, wanna smack the smile out of her bitchy face lor.

Hahahas, you so cute.

Hehehe, no problem sweetie!

Hey sweetie, you can just call them to ask!

Strawberry cupboard lol, it's from Mother Garden at vivocity,
cost around50 bucks.

Hahahs, it's a mix of brown/red!
Thank you for your compliment thou! :D

Hahahs, yes.

Errrr, thanks? -.-

i gotta remodule for one of my modules!
Super sian please, gotta go to school and listen to that
indian lecturer chant on and on again!


Ahhhhh, I'm so bored,
i'm like staying at home or going out and
nothing much to do recently except to SHOP ONLINE!
Like, duh! What can a girl do at hoooooome?

I've been reading, shopping ALOT, meeting boyf,
re-watching the whole Harry Potter movie series,
Re-reading twilight. Watching Boys over flower, Fringe,
Eleventh Hour, the whole season 3 of dexter, House.
Ahhhh, really no life!

Can you guys comment & lemme know what to y'all do at home?
I can't stand sitting around like thaaaaat,
super restless. ARGH.

I'm sick of going out as well, always going to the same places,
where else can you go in Singapore?!

Lol, i was surfing around some blog by a girl in the states,

Minnie mouse-ish caramel apple! ^-^
Ahhhhhh so cute! She got it from the disneyland in the states.
I want it toooooooo~

Ahhh, daniel caught me blotting my oily face!

Last week i whined and whined at boyf to bring me
to Yum Cha for Dim Sum! Heheheh

Droooooooooool, i want dim sum NOWWWWWW.

Baked some chocolate cookies for boyf the other day,

Running on electricity of course! He's monster truck is really big!
running on fuel somemore, super noisy. o.0

Hehehe, it's kinda boring playing the monster truck alone,
but i love to chase leon's miniature pincher around the house!

Heheheheh, the other day we brought him and magic out
for a walk and after we came back from the walk,
as usual his dogs will follow us into leon's room
cos they know we will switch on the aircon!
Gooooodness, come in and blow aircon lor,
So clever. tsk tsk.

Muahahaha, so while his miniature pincher,
whisky is trapped in our room
I chased him and magic around with my mini monster truck!
Hehehehe, they're sooooo damn hilarious!

Boyf and i love babystar!
And my favourite candy since i was young! :D

We're going to spraypaint my rims for my mini monster truck
to pink gold!

Hehehe, we both are super impatient!
Wanna faster spray the pink gold!

Then while we were waiting for the paint on the rims to dry
...i saw this freaky thing in boyf's garden!!!!!

OMGGGGGG, can you spot it?!!??!

Lol, boyf and i, we were like "omg omg omg so cool!
Then we like take take afew pictures then..
eh.. why got flash also won't move one ah..
why the body got blue blue one, IS IT REAL OR NOT?!"

Then boyf went to throw a rock at it and i screamed like nuts.
blooooooooooooooody hell, it's fake lah!
We like toot like that please,
stand there take picture of it somemore. -.-

Lol, then leon's mum laugh at us when i told her
about it somemore! Haahahs.

Ahhhh, bought alot of things!

Ordered this super cute furry hoodie from AERO!


Seeee, i'm so bored at home i order a book on dolls craft!
I'm gonna make tons of plushies and
fill my room/boyf's room/boyf's car with my silly plushies!
Muahahaha, whether he wants it or not!

So cute right, make mooooooonkey.
Lol, why do they call monkey, munky?

Just received my Sonia kashuk cosmetics pouch!

And i bought two pouches from a seller on Etsy for my camera
cos i couldn't decide which one to get! I like both~

Lacey/teardrop pearl earrings!

Sweet sky blue dress!

Couple PJs!

Anyway, i'm selling this Victoria Secret bag, only 1 available.
i don't think it's available on the VS website anymore,
It's totally brand new, Selling at $20

Do email me at for enquiries
or if you're interested in buying it yah! (:

Omg i got like 8 emails asking for the VS bag's availability,
like within 30 minute after i post up the entry! lol.
Sorry babes, it's sold! So sorry to disappoint!

Advertorial, Crystal Dollies

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Sponsered Advertorials:

Heeeeeey thereeeeee girls!
Are you a fan of accesories?
Let me share with you a new accesories shop,
selling the prettiest blingy, japanese imported clay flowers accesories!

Kelly from was really sweet
to sponser me 3 gorgeous pieces from her lovely shop! ^-^

Oh yah! I'd like to congratulate Kelly as well!
She's having her ROM this friday!

I received the accesories in this reeeeeaally cute packaging!
The packaging even have this really light rose scent
which is oh-so-sweeeet!

She custom made a bracelet, earring, necklace set for me! (:

All accesories from Crystal Dollies are purely handmade
and materials are mostly imported from Japan!

The materials are also limited to certain design,
so there are only afew pieces for one single design!
Ahhhhh, i love this limited pieces thing.

The worst thing ever is wearing something on the streets
then you spot someone wearing the same thing as you lah!

I loved her accesories so much,
i went ahead and bought two earrings from her shop!

One for meeee, one for mummy!

Mummy love accesories too!
She was like oooooooh-ing and aaaaaaah-ing
when i showed her CrytalDollies website!

The earring's really pretty right!

The earring she customized for me! (:

And of course, the pretty bracelet!
It's not very clear in the picture, but there are
swarvoski crystals in between the clay flowers!
Love bbbbbbbbbblings! :D

Check this out!

Promotion is ending on the 6th of march!
So quick, send in your orders now! (:

eye brow tutorial

Monday, February 23, 2009

Eyebrows tutorial:

many of you have been asking me how i shape my brows,
how to draw and fill the brows in nicely.

I think eyebrows are suuuuuper important,
even without makeup, drawing your brows
would give you the "more awake" look.

Esssssssspecially when you're doing a smoky eye look,
brows are reaaaally important to "open your eyes"
and to frame your pretty eyes.

Imagine super nice eyeshadows, but ugly bushy eyebrows.
Doesn't really compliment to entire look right?

Alrighty! Should stop yakking on and on and get started! (:

Untrim, undraw brows. Loooks hooooorrible.
Lol, i didnt trim my brows for almost one week to
make it look messier to do this tutorial ok!

To determine the end of the eyebrow, using an eyeliner brush,
place it diagonally across to the corners
of your nose, and outside corner of the eye.
Any hair that goes past the pencil should be tweezed/shaved off.

Then place the pencil diagonally across the corner of your nose,
and the outside of the irsis. This is where your ARCH is!
Tweeze a gradual line from the arch to the start of the eyebrow.

Shave/tweeze of any stray hair.

I like to draw an outline of my brows
before filling them in with soft small strokes,
remember to be just draw lightly to get a natural look.

(start the outline from the arch,
don't start from the start of the brows as our
1st stroke is normally very harsh.)

Dooooooone! ^-^

Anyway, if you're still not sure about how to shape your brows,
and your brows have never been shaped,
it helps to go to somewhere like Leonard Drake
to trim your eyebrows, then after that consecutively
you can trim it yourself since you already have that shape there!

This was how i learnt to trim my own brows! (:

This methods work well for me,
might not be the most acurate way thou!
Have fun shaping your brows and have gorgous looking
brows to frame your pretty eyes girls! ^-^